Monday, January 20, 2014

this is it!!! my super cute little shop!!


this is it!!!! this is what all of the stress, tears, late nights, early mornings, phone calls,  emails, money!, designing, dreaming, pinning, recipe testing, excitement, anticipation, sighs of relief and pure joy, etc etc were all about!

i have been open for just over a month and i want to say a million thank yous to all of my wonderful customers so far! everyday i am so relieved when my first customer walks through the door and i cant believe how supportive everyone has been, thank you thank you thank you!! 

thank you to nathalie from imprintables for fist encouraging me to start my business, recommending me to her loyal customers, introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging and for being the most inspiring business partner i could wish for.

thank you to all of my clients for helping me build my business over the past 5 years- one of the biggest / sweetest surprises to me was that my business grew as my clients families grew- wedding cakes, baby showers, christening cakes, first birthdays, second birthdays, new siblings being born- then more christening cakes, first birthday cakes, now i am up to 5th, 6th and 7th birthdays! it really is unbelievably heart warming to be a part of so many special occasions!!

thank you to everyone that has told their friends about my work, shared my flickr, my website, fb or instagram- i will be forever grateful! 

thank you to my family for so so much patience and support.. i didnt know it was going to be so so so much work and i am so sorry for the stress...

ANYWAY so these pics are just a few of the cute details i have been dreaming about for the past 5~6 years...  my cute signage, my cute new logo, my cute colourful light cords and edison bulbs, my cheeseburger phone (!!), american white oak, white walls, pops of colour, vanilla choc chip cookies, rocky road cookies, homemade flavoured creamy jersey milk, fresh squeezed juice, mud australia platters and mugs, zero tea pots, t2 tea, farmers market honey, my la marzocco espresso machine, glee coffee AND adorable uniforms!! oh my- i just cant believe it!!

there are a few more thank yous- thank you to fine furniture designer simon zablotsky - his amazing attention to detail and quality to all of my woodwork was more than i could have dreamed and made the space i had imagined a reality. thanks to industrial designer wyn jones for his help with the design... and help with my pos.
thank you to inga from inkling design for my super cute super perfect new logo.
thank you to simon and melissa from ashdown and bee for my amazing hand painted signs
thank you to miss emma soup for my amazingly cute uniforms, they are just perfect!!

a million thank yous will never be enough to everyone that has helped me along the way- thank you, thank you, thank you.

(the last photo is of me, emma and carla on my opening day)

my shop is @ 175 king st newcastle
mon- fri 9-4.30
sat 9-3 
sun + public holidays
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

shop update- i have walls!!

a year ago i  had super mega exciting news that we bought a shop.. it has been a long time coming and i never would have expected a 9 month delay in building .. but in june the ceiling was finally fixed and we could get started on the renovations- there have still been extra delays but things have gone pretty smoothly since- and i am now so so excited that i have walls!! i also have plumbing and electricity and it is all coming together really well! my shop will soon* be open at 175 king st newcastle, it will be a kitchen, studio space and a cake shop serving a variety of my favourite teas, homemade flavoured jersey milk, amazing glee esspresso and THE most delicious cakes and cookies you have ever tasted, all baked from scratch on site using the best best ingredients.   

i am so so excited that my dream is so so close... *at the moment we are aiming for october.. but definitely in time to be able to sell adorable sweet gifts for christmas!

oh and these pics are all of my instagram follow me @hellonaomicakes!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

cloud control

i have a real love of music videos, sometimes seeing a video clip can change the way you hear a song... anyway i thought i would share this video of dojo rising by cloud control- it is kind of party related and i just love the style, emotion, balloons and glitter! .. i am hypnotised and inspired by it! i also really love the song and i am looking forward to seeing them play tomorrow night.
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spatula icing + realistic sugar peonies

The best thing about sugar flowers is that they are in season all year round- so you can have peonies at your wedding any time of year!!
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Friday, August 2, 2013

ruffles and peony cake!

i am so in love with this cake! i feel like this is the perfect pinterest cake design- it has it all- ruffles, peony, baby's breath, dusty miller, peach... pretty much everything that is on every brides style board at the moment!

anyway i also think it is classically pretty and the delicate details and sugar flowers will make it timeless... it is one of my new favourites!
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

private classes in august

i am not a person that likes to brag BUT when it comes to teaching- i am pretty good*! it has taken me a long time to develop my methods and style and it is really important to me that my students get it right and are happy with their results. these are all photos of my students work from my private classes and i am seriously amazed with their results!! i look at them and i am sure i have made them! 
i am scheduling a few dates for private classes in Newcastle during August, prices start from $600(depending on ingredients costs)/ day, 10-4.30. you can learn heaps more in a day with a private class and i can customise it to suit what you would like to learn. below is a guide to what you can do in a day or two.
1 day- cupcakes, cookies and cake pops- bake and decorate
1 day- beginners cake decorating- 6" cake with simple topper + decorate cupcakes 
1 day- beginners cake decorating- 6" cake with complex topper
1.5 days - sugar flowers and spatula icing dummy cake
2 days- sugar flowers and fondant single tier cake.
2 days- extended 2 tier wedding cake w/ piping and sugar flower

the price is for a private one on one class. depending on what you would like to learn and the space required up to 2 people may be accommodated if you wish, an additional person starts from $200/ day and an extra hour will be allocated to the class. 
Please email me contact@hellonaomi to arrange a date and quote..!
*my students are pretty good too!
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30 and totoro

oh my! i am so super behind in blog posts! BUT i have some news with my shop! building has finally started and i finally have a ceiling! yaaayy!! there is still a bit to do for the plumbing , electrical, walls and floors but it is all coming along smoothly!

oh and in the mean time i turned 30! umm over 2 months ago now... but i have been meaning to blog about my cake.. that i made for myself... totoro! he was cute AND delicious...!
turning 30 also made me have a bit of a 'where is my life going, what have i done with my life' crisis especially with all the stress of the shop... but a couple of months into it- 30 is good! i am extremely lucky to be able to do what i love and although i am dreading the lack of sleep that i will have when i finally open my shop... i just cant wait for the rest of it! i am aiming for early~ mid september... umm fingers crossed!

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